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I was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Queens and then eventually moved to Long Island.  Moving to Long Island, to me anyway, was like moving to the country, I thought I was done moving and wanted to settle down.  So if someone would have told me that I would eventually relocate to North Carolina I would have never believed them.  But here I am, been living here since 2005, loving it, but still adjusting.  And “yes” I still call New York “home”, even though I have no home there anymore, not even one to visit.


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My Story

For a number of years I worked in NYC as a Producer/Writer/Editor for various media companies including Lifetime Television, Viacom and ABC.  Then in 1990 I moved to Long Island to work for a WLIW21, a local PBS station.  It was there I settled down, got married, bought a house, got a dog, had a couple of kids...yadda, yadda, yadda...I thought I was literally done moving. Turns out it wasn't.

To make a long story short we made the biggest life-changing decision ever...in 2005 we moved to NC.

It was then that I started writing a column for the Charlotte Observer. Not serious hard news but local soft news for a section called Cabarrus Neighbors.  It was there I realized that there are so many fascinating human interest stories and I wanted to share them all.

And although Cabarrus News folded and The Charlotte Observer is hanging on by a thread, these amazing stories are still happening but hardly anyone is publishing them.

I hope to share some of them here.


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Linda Doherty

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Next Steps...

Now I want to hear about you. Whether you relocated 20 years ago or last week I want to hear from you. Whether you had enough and moved back north or are a halfback (people who moved first to Florida and then halfway back to the North), I want to hear from you.

Your dreams, your fears, your new accents…basically YOUR STORY.  How has this major life altering decision affected you?  Your family?  Your relationships?  Your business?

Please contact me so we can share our stories.  We all have a different and unique story yet we all probably have more in common than we think.