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This month’s
Yankee Spotlight
Tanya Hollenbeck
a Yankee from Binghamton, NY.
Tanya relocated to NC 30 years ago and since then she got married, started a family and created a brand called “Yankee South”.  Tanya says her brand “is for everyone, but especially embodies the Northern individual that either, loves visiting or now lives in the South”. Something all us Relocated Yankees can relate to.  Read about her fascinating story and don’t forget to check out her websites to see all her cool stuff. (Links are posted below.)

When did you move to North Carolina?
I moved right out of college in 1998. I graduated from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY, picked up my stuff in Binghamton and never looked back. I had already been scoping out jobs in Raleigh while in Buffalo. My hubby (then boyfriend) was already down here and I had visited and loved the weather and atmosphere. When you are young, you are willing to take more risks and I am so glad I did as I have no regrets!
My NY hubby (Bob Hollenbeck) and I have a Southern boy. It’s a joke in the family that 2 Yankees have a Southern kid. Don’t worry, he has NY flavor too!
I moved my mom and stepdad down here and my husband’s family lives here as well.


What the move was like?
The move was tough at first as we were staying in the outskirts and more rural area of Raleigh and it was definitely a culture change. But as I became more familiar with Raleigh, I fell more and more in love.


What do you like best about NC?
I will never forget the first time I visited a North Carolina beach. I remember stepping out on the sand, looking around and saying, “Where is the boardwalk, where is the tram car?” As a girl that visited the Jersey Shore for her family vacations, the North Carolina beaches were definitely a culture shock. But I can’t say enough how much I love the beaches now and make a point to visit every year. Whether it’s a day trip to Wilmington, making our way to Ocean Isle, Holden Beach or the amazing Shackleford Banks, it’s always great memories.

How do you feel moving to NC has changed your life?
I joke with my friends that I have definitely become nicer and less raw. I am all about that Southern wave with neighbors but you will not catch me saying “Ya’ll”. My southern friends still pick on my accent.
I miss friends that are still up North and definitely that New York food! I try to visit NYC once a year to catch a Yankee game and that gives me my NY fill.

How did you come up with ?
I looked around and noticed all of the Southern brands out there and felt that it didn’t fully represent me. There are so many transplants here and I wanted a brand to represent us! What I have found is that we have expanded our reach to Michigan, Ohio and other upper Midwest states. I love when I meet my customers and hear their stories about their moves down here and it’s great to create that personal connection with so many people.


How would you describe Yankee South?

Yankee South’s tagline is “Northern Sass with Southern Class”. This is the best of both worlds. It’s not a north vs south by any means but rather a blend of both cultures. My roots are up in North but the South is definitely home.


How can someone get more info about your business?

Web:  https://yankeesouth.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheYankeeSouth

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/theyankeesouth/


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  1. I like to learn blogging too. I am to a relocated Yankee from NC. I also felt the push when I had to refinish my fashion Marketing degree. It’s not easy to fit in in the 20s crowd either. It’s family always. Anyway, enjoy the holiday. Keep the posts coming. I like this community.

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